Can Pregnant People Scrape?

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Afternoon.. I want to ask I am 4 months pregnant..u003cbru003from me before scrapings until now.u003cbru003e My question is, can pregnant women have their bodies scraped or massaged because my body is sick and has colds.. .

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Hi Hani,

Scraping is a method that is widely used in Asia and is believed to remove heat and negative energy from the body. Often done when someone has a fever, aches, not feeling well or other minor complaints.

Medically, scrapings still need a lot of further research to prove their effectiveness for health. Likewise, experts see that scrapings can help relieve temporary pain in cases such as muscle tension and chronic pain.

Scraping works by dilating blood vessels in the area being scraped, so that body heat escapes, and is also believed to release anti-inflammatory factors in the body which then work to treat inflammation-related diseases, such as: inflammation of the liver, fever, asthma, bronchitis. , neck pain, back pain, migraine, and others. Please read: Kerokan - Gua Sha

For pregnant women, this method of scraping / gua sha is not recommended, especially during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. If you feel complaints due to body aches, pains, which are common in pregnant women, we recommend that you consult a gynecologist for proper treatment. appropriate.

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That's the explanation, hope it helps

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