Can Pregnant Women Consume Supplements?

Illustration of Can Pregnant Women Consume Supplements?
Illustration: Can Pregnant Women Consume Supplements?

Tonight. My age is 28 years old. I often feel pain in my knees, sometimes when I move I can hear prek sound. For this time I consume hemaviton join care and this time I am pregnant. Is the medicine I take is appropriate

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Hello Echa, thank you for asking

The product you are referring to includes supplements for joint and bone health that contain glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin C, and some minerals that are needed by the body.

Priduk is usually used as an alternative to deal with joint disorders, in the form of joint pain, stiff joints, swollen joints, for example, caused by arthritis. But this product is not the first choice drug to overcome this problem. Although it is only a supplement or in the form of additional substances for the body, the use of this drug should need to be considered, and it is best to first consult the joint health problems being experienced to the doctor.

The use of this product for pregnant and nursing mothers has not been clinically proven to be as safe. This means that the use of these supplements in pregnant women should be avoided. Because it still needs to be proven through clinical studies regarding the safety of these supplements for pregnant women.

Beyond that, in pregnancy, especially trimester 1 is the most crucial time because it is when the fetal organs are formed. Therefore, the use of drugs should be considered, consult your obstetrician and obstetrician before taking drugs outside of those given by your obstetrician.

If the complaint you feel is disturbing, you should consult the nearest doctor to check you directly and determine the appropriate treatment. And for some of the steps you can take to reduce these complaints, including:

There are several ways you can do at home to speed up recovery while preventing complications. These steps include:

Rest, rest your knees to avoid continuous pressure Compressing the knee with ice or a towel filled with ice, this can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation that occurs. Minimize doing movements on the knee, for example by using a buckle on the knee Put the aching leg in a higher position, for example by placing the foot on a pillow. That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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