Can Pregnant Women Menstruate?

Illustration of Can Pregnant Women Menstruate?
Illustration: Can Pregnant Women Menstruate?

I was told by my partner that he was pregnant. But during these 2 months PMS he was still routine, and his PMS was quite a lot. Is that really pregnant?

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Previously please note that menstruation and PMS or premenstrual syndrome are different conditions. Menstruation is caused by decay of the endometrial wall due to hormonal factors that occur regularly every month when there are no sperm-fertilized eggs. While PMS is a condition that affects women's emotional, physical, and behavioral moments before the onset of the menstrual cycle. PMS can appear 5-11 days before the menstrual cycle and will disappear when menstruation comes. Some of the symptoms that can appear during PMS include:
1. Flatulence
2. Abdominal pain
3. Breast pain
4. Joint and muscle pain
5. Constipation
6. Diarrhea
7. Headache
8. Hypersensitivity to light
9. Emotional disorders
10. Irritable mood
11. Anxiety
12. Sadness
13. Fatigue

When there is fertilization of an egg cell by sperm cells which then undergo implantation in the endometrial wall to develop into a fetus, the endometrial wall will actually develop creating good circulation for blood supply and nutrition for the fetus stimulated by hormonal changes during pregnancy. So if there is a pregnancy, of course there will be no menstruation or PMS symptoms. If there is bleeding in women during pregnancy that has been ascertained through examination by a doctor, it is necessary to suspect abortion or threatening miscarriage. If so, immediately consult with an obstetrician for further examination.

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