Can Pregnant Women Take Cold Medicine?

Illustration of Can Pregnant Women Take Cold Medicine?
Illustration: Can Pregnant Women Take Cold Medicine?

In the evening, I amelia is 20 weeks pregnant

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Hello Amelia, Thank you for the question.

A pregnant woman really needs to be more careful in taking supplements or medicines because the supplements or medicines you consume can have side effects on your fetus, including interfering with their growth and development.

Pregnant women tend to have a lower immune system so they are susceptible to infections, including the flu. In pregnant women, this infection can occur longer and can cause further complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia. There are some suggestions that you can do to deal with complaints of nasal congestion:

consume warm drinks
breathing hot steam from a bowl of hot water
use an air humidifier

In addition, you are also encouraged to get enough rest, consume a balanced nutritious food, and maintain an intake of at least 2-3 liters of water per day. You can gargle with warm salt water if you experience a sore throat.

You can take cold medicine if you are complaining about complaints. Usually cold medicines are not recommended for pregnant women with gestational age up to 12 weeks (first trimester) even some doctors forbid the use of cold medicine until 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Paratusin is a drug used to treat coughs and colds accompanied by fever, containing paracetamol, noscapine and guaiafenesin to suppress coughs, phenylpropanolamin and chlorpheniramine as antihistamines (prevent sneezing). Because of the many ingredients in these drugs, you should only consume these drugs according to doctor's orders. My advice, you should consult with your doctor before taking medication because the consumption of one particular drug is only recommended if you have one symptom that is really disturbing. You are advised to avoid consuming drugs with some ingredients such as these drugs.

Please read the following article: Flu medicines in pregnant women

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