Can Pregnant Women Use Baby Cream To Overcome Prickly Heat?

Illustration of Can Pregnant Women Use Baby Cream To Overcome Prickly Heat?
Illustration: Can Pregnant Women Use Baby Cream To Overcome Prickly Heat?

Can pregnant women use pigeon cream for prickly heat for pregnant women?

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Prickly heat is a skin problem that is quite common experienced by most people who live in tropical climates such as Indonesia. Sweat or miliaria is a small red rash that stands out, feels itchy, and causes a sensation of stinging or painful skin. The disorder, also known as heat rash, not only occurs in infants, but also in adults. Moreover, pregnant women can cause prickly heat which is caused by:

 rapid weight gain causes the mother to sweat easily and overheating the temperature is too hot clothing that is too tight cream that you mentioned is a cream formulated with a moisturizing agent that resembles vernix (a natural protective layer when a newborn), can help smooth the skin especially on the elbows and knee, and moisturizes and soothes dry skin. so this cream is not to overcome irtation because prickly heat, and it is safe to use for mother and baby yes mother.

there are several things to overcome prickly heat on the mother

 wear loose clothes and choose clothes to absorb sweat always carry a fan in the bag as the first savior when the air feels hot if you go out drinking a lot of water at least 8-12 glasses a day bathing twice a day use a cooler or fan in the room use anti-itching cream as relievers such as lotion made from calamine which can soothe the skin and reduce irritation and can also use aleovera gel to treat prickly heat. Although prickly heat is common, mothers should still try to treat it properly. And if it still continues, then the mother should immediately visit a doctor to get the right treatment and do not take medication without the use or doctor's advice yes mother.

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