Can Prostate Enlargement Cause Infertility?

Illustration of Can Prostate Enlargement Cause Infertility?
Illustration: Can Prostate Enlargement Cause Infertility?

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Impotence or also known as erectile dysfunction is a condition where there is a failure to start an erection or maintain an erection in men, the incidence increases with age (an increase in cases of erectile dysfunction in men aged 50 years and over). Another condition that also increases with age in men is prostate enlargement. Prostate enlargement itself can be caused by inflammation and degenerative processes (age related). What is meant here is that caused by a degenerative process. Let's discuss them one by one.

For erection in a man, nerve signals are needed which will have an effect on the dilation of blood vessels in the penis and increased blood flow to the penis. This is what plays a role for erections. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several conditions, both those that originate from a person's physical or psychological condition. Some conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction are:

Narrowing of the blood vessels in the penis due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes. Obesity Disorders of the nervous system, such as stroke or nerve injury due to trauma Heart disease Hormone disorders, especially the hormone testosterone which acts to increase sexual arousal Psychological disorders, such as stress or depression and others The condition of erectile dysfunction itself can return to normal or not depend on the cause.

Some ways you can do to prevent erectile dysfunction are:

control high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol reduce excess body weight stop smoking balanced diet relaxation and avoid stress or anxiety For prostate enlargement problems, keep in mind the prostate is a gland in men located between the penis and bladder, surrounds the urethra. This gland serves to secrete nutritional fluid which also acts to protect sperm in the form of semen.

Enlargement of the prostate, other than due to infection can be caused by malignancy in the body, namely prostate cancer, or due to benign prostate enlargement, also known as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). As a consequence of prostate enlargement, interference can occur in a person's voiding process (because the channel is squeezed by the prostate). Some symptoms that can be caused by BPH for example:

Difficult to start urinating (must straining and takes time to start) Pee emission is weak and stagnant Feeling of wanting to urinate continuously (<2 hours already want to pee again) Often wakes up at night to urinate Difficult to hold urine Difficulty in feeling after urination Needs known, prostaglandins are not produced by the prostate gland. Prostaglandins are compounds in the body that function to maintain body balance and play a role in the inflammatory process. When the body experiences an infection or injury, an inflammatory process is characterized by the release of chemical compounds, including prostaglandins which will function to heal wounds by increasing blood flow and blood clotting. The function of prostaglandins to increase blood flow is sometimes associated with therapy for erectile dysfunction (because for an erection a process of increasing blood flow to the penis is needed). The use of prostaglandins to diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction is still being developed. So the statement you asked about isn't quite right.

The relationship between BPH and erectile dysfunction that is most easily explained is related to a person's age risk factors, where both of these conditions increase with age. With increasing age, a person is also more susceptible to high blood pressure, heart problems and blood vessels. Along with the development of research, it was also found the relationship of BPH with other erectile dysfunction, which is associated with an increase in the sympathetic nervous system (which causes contractions and shrinking blood vessels) in patients with BPH, but this theory is still being developed today. Another relationship of BPH and erectile dysfunction is related to invasive treatment for BPH. There is a study that states that people with BPH who have prostate resection through the urethra (TURP), about 3-35% of them experience erectile dysfunction.

However, my suggestion is to find out in advance the causes of each condition, to find out whether this is related or the disease is walking independently. Check with your doctor if complaints of impotence continue to be felt or if you experience symptoms of prostate enlargement. The doctor will dig further about your history and can carry out a complete physical examination, including digital rectal examination to determine the condition of your prostate. If necessary, the doctor will also direct you to additional examinations, such as prostate ultrasound, checking prostate specific antigen levels from the blood, and so forth.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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