Can Psoas Abscess Be Completely Healed?

Illustration of Can Psoas Abscess Be Completely Healed?
Illustration: Can Psoas Abscess Be Completely Healed?

, I have psoas abscess, have been operated on, but there is still pus discharge, and every week I keep suctioning it.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your feelings. Psoas is the name of one of the muscles in our body, and an abscess is a condition when there is accumulation of pus in certain areas.

As with abscesses in general, this condition basically occurs because there is a bacterial infection in the body. But what triggers this bacterial infection can vary, it could be due to an abnormality of the immune system, it could be due to tuberculosis, HIV disease, kidney failure, and a number of other diseases. Regarding your case, the actual psoas abscess itself can be treated. What your doctor might mean by being untreated or without a cure might be the trigger. For example if, for example, your condition is triggered by HIV. HIV has no cure until now. And if HIV causes psoas abscess, even though it has been treated many times, because the HIV is still there, then the condition can still be repeated.

Another example if for example the condition is triggered by kidney failure. Kidney is one of the most powerful organs in our body, because we can even live with only one kidney. Even from one kidney, when its ability decreases, we do not immediately feel the symptoms. But unfortunately, when the kidneys have begun to show damage, it cannot be restored. Damaged kidneys will continue to be damaged, so if your condition is triggered by kidney failure, because the kidneys themselves cannot improve, then the condition can recur.

Our advice, to make it more convincing for you, check yourself with a surgeon in another hospital. Consultation with us was not categorized as a second opinion search activity because we did not check yourself directly and this could trigger a misunderstanding. By going to a surgeon, if his opinion is the same as your previous surgeon's, then chances are that it is. So, hopefully answering your question.

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