Can Ranitidine Cause Cancer?

Illustration of Can Ranitidine Cause Cancer?
Illustration: Can Ranitidine Cause Cancer?

I just got discharged from the hospital. And I was given a medicine, one of them is ranitidine hcl. When I checked he could cause cancer. Is it true?

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There is a history of treatment in the hospital before, and after improving the next you go home with a drug called ranitidine, this is likely an indication of administration of this drug because of gastric disorders or increased gastric acid in your digestive system, so that ranitidine is given to help control stomach disorders during the recovery period at home. Ranitidine, although indicated for gastric disorders and increased gastric acid, also has side effects that can interfere with digestion, but this is not always the case, some side effects can be found in some patients who take this drug. Side effects that are often found in patients taking ranitidine are:

 Sleep disorders Headache Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea Constipation or difficulty CHAPTER Rashes or allergies Related to side effects and related to your question, if you see information circulating relating to the drug Ranitidin, indeed some time ago this drug was withdrawn from circulation, especially ranitidine injection. Withdrawal of all drug products containing Ranitidin was carried out around September 17, 2019. BPOM as the official authority responsible for drug safety and drug distribution in Indonesia calls to stop all production and distribution of ranitidine drugs, this is due to the risk of NMDA contamination over the threshold, where NMDA exceeds the threshold will cause cancer risk if used in the long run.

BPOM has taken withdrawal instruction actions up to 80 working days from October 11, 2019. This means that during this period testing and monitoring of products containing ranitidine may not be prescribed and circulated until the test results from BPOM and independent testing of drug manufacturers against NMDA has been done and declared safe. So, after 80 days from and after the NMDA contamination test was confirmed to be safe, ranitidine could be reproduced and circulated back to the community. Therefore, dated November 21, 2019, BPOM has given a distribution permit again after ranitidine is declared safe to be prescribed and indicated for patients with stomach acid disorders.

Therefore, if you currently get prescription ranitidine from the doctor who treats you, then you can continue this medication according to the recommended dosage from the doctor who treats you. This is because all products containing ranitidine circulating in Indonesia are safe to be prescribed in the supervision of BPOM RI. BPOM guarantees the safety of circulation of ranitidine drugs that have passed NMDA contamination tests. Thus, this drug is safe for consumption for you or the patient.

In addition to ranitidine drugs, several other types of drugs in the same class can also be prescribed by doctors as an alternative treatment with the same indications. However, changes or changes in the type of drug should be done directly by the treating doctor, this can be done by visiting or returning control to the doctor who treats you. Thus, whatever is your concern can be explained directly by your doctor.

During the recovery and treatment period, several things you also need to do to help the recovery period, such as:

 Hidnari late eating or irregular meals Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, and packaged foods Avoid coffee drinks, or soda or drinks that increase your complaints Avoid sleep late at night Avoid physical fatigue Suffice with water Thus the info we can convey.

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