Can Rheumatism Or Gout Attack Young?

Illustration of Can Rheumatism Or Gout Attack Young?
Illustration: Can Rheumatism Or Gout Attack Young?

Hello, I am only 23 years old, but for a few months now, the knees to the soles of my feet every day feel so sore sometimes cramps and pins and needles in the morning, afternoon or evening. If it is not strong I use liniment to relieve the pain. What is the cause, I think this disease is only for the elderly. Is this gout or rheumatism? And what should I do? Thank you

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The discomfort in your feet certainly makes you feel worried about your health, we really understand your worries. We will try to explain how the mechanism of the complaint you feel and what should be done to prevent complaints from getting burdensome.

Anyone must have felt tingling, aches and even cramps. This can attack anyone, including individuals who are young, or even elderly. Many things that affect or cause complaints of tingling or cramps in the feet or even hands, including:

Hormonal changes Nutritional deficiencies such as calcium, lack of vitamin D or even hypoparathyroidism / decreased parathyroid gland function Injury. Injuries to the skin or can injure the underlying tissues which can possibly cause injury to the nerves or trigger inflammation in the joints, causing symptoms such as cramps or tingling. like diabetes, or high blood pressure and inflammation of blood vessels / vasculitis. So the complaints you feel are not necessarily due to an increase in uric acid / rheumatism. To find the underlying cause of the complaint you feel, of course, a complete examination must be done. Therefore, our advice is that you should immediately check yourself or consult directly with a doctor that you trust so that he can do a complete examination of you, if according to him physical examination and interview still can not determine the exact cause, then it could be done additional examinations such as laboratories to test your blood sugar, cholesterol or uric acid levels, and imaging tests like X-Ray / Rongten can also be done to track inflammation of the joints or bones.

Temporary efforts to prevent the severity of your complaint, then you can do a few simple things like:

Consumption of liquids in the form of water at least 8 glasses every day. Lack of fluid entering the body will cause the body to become dehydrated, so it is very possible that there is an imbalance of electrolytes in the body that can cause complaints like you feel. Perform simple exercises to relax muscles and prevent cramps. Exercise can be done by doing moderate or moderate exercise with a minimum duration of time of 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. Consumption of intakes containing calcium and potassium. Both of these minerals are very important to process fluids in the body, and are very important in contracting and relaxing muscles. Potassium sources can you get from bananas, consumption of poultry meat and fish, or from other sources such as yogurt, low-fat milk / fat-free milk. Use footwear that are right for your feet, the use of footwear is very important for the health of your feet which plays an important role in the movement and steps of the body. Uncomfortable footwear can have an impact on complaints such as muscle cramps or tingling. Thus the information we can convey, may be useful for you.


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