Can Salty Foods Cause Itching?

Illustration of Can Salty Foods Cause Itching?
Illustration: Can Salty Foods Cause Itching?

, lately I feel a pretty intense itching on my skin, itching has been going on for ± 3 weeks, when to dotker, the doctor said maybe I was allergic, but as far as I know, I do not have any allergies. I from the feet, hands, stomach, even to the back, itching spread to the other body when scratched. There are also black bruises on some parts of the hill that I have scratched. However, in recent days I have reduced the salt content in the food I cooked and it turns out that the itching is slightly reduced. Does reducing these salty foods have the effect of reducing itching? Or it turns out I’m allergic to salty? Thank you

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Itching of the skin is a response to the skin that can be caused by several possibilities, including an allergic reaction to a substance, food, drugs, or a reaction to certain weather, a reaction to an inflammatory process or infection in the skin layer, can be caused by viral, bacterial, parasitic, or fungal infections. Dry skin conditions, exposed to cold weather can also cause itching, or there are other metabolic diseases such as liver or kidney organ disorders.

Need to be explored further about the itching that you experience. Since when complaints arise, triggers begin to appear itchy, whether after consuming certain foods / medicines, accompanied by swelling on the face or hives on body areas such as islands, or the appearance of reddish skin lesions with elevated edges, location and distribution of taste itching and abnormalities in the skin experienced, a history of allergies or a history of previous skin diseases can also affect the condition of your skin.

To overcome your condition, it is advisable to seek treatment from a dermatologist first to identify the cause and management that suits your condition. Avoid foods that can trigger allergic reactions, maintain good skin hygiene and moisture, maintain diet and activity, and get enough rest. Avoid taking medication alone without doctor's instructions.

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