Can Scabs Disappear On Their Own?

Illustration of Can Scabs Disappear On Their Own?
Illustration: Can Scabs Disappear On Their Own?

Hello, r nI have a scab that is roughly round in shape with a diameter of 3cm and a flat surface. And that’s different from my other scabs, which can be released little by little. Can it be released alone? Thank you..

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Hi Rikaparawati,

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Scab usually results from scars that have healed and dried up. Sometimes, the wound that precedes the emergence of this scab occurs unconsciously by the sufferer, so it is thought that the scab appears suddenly, when in fact it is not. Scab often appears darker, drier, with a clear border and can peel off on its own without the need for special handling. At the beginning of the formation of a scab, not infrequently the patient will also feel a sensation of itching that is quite disturbing. This condition is generally not dangerous and does not require special treatment.

Apart from the scars, it is also possible that a rash on your skin resembles the scab that you are experiencing due to another trigger, for example:

Fungal infections of the skin Impetigo Psoriasis Seborrheic dermatitis Contact dermatitis Lupus hyperkeratosis, etc. A direct examination is needed to identify what the exact cause of the scab is. Therefore, we recommend that you consult yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist so that you can handle it further. Treatment for this scab can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the cause of the scab, can be enough with observation, cream or ointment. specifically, and so on.

In the meantime, it's best not to force the scab that appears in any way. Take a more diligent bath, use antiseptic soap or cleanser containing salicylic acid to help regenerate skin cells optimally. Avoid exchanging clothing or personal belongings with others, especially those who have infectious skin diseases. Also protect your skin from drying out, i.e. by not rubbing it excessively, using a moisturizer, and drinking more water.

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