Can Scars From Hot Water Disappear?

Illustration of Can Scars From Hot Water Disappear?
Illustration: Can Scars From Hot Water Disappear?

I want to ask, right? I got hit by the hot water yesterday, and then I already used saleb, but the swelling was getting bigger, that’s why?

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Basically, blisters on burns have their own function, including to prevent infection, protect the underlying skin layer that is healing, and help healing the skin underneath as well. Because it has its own function, these blisters are not recommended to be solved unless they are very large and painful or do not disappear by themselves after a few weeks. Most blisters do not require special treatment or treatment because the fluid inside the blister will be absorbed by the skin itself and the thin skin on the outside will dry out and peel off by itself. Breaking the blisters can actually cause an infection in the burn, so if it really needs to be solved, it should be done by a doctor or medical personnel who are competent to do so.

For now, you can try to continue to compress your burns with just saline, apply an ointment for burns if your doctor does prescribe it, then cover it with gauze to prevent it from breaking or rubbing. If you see signs of infection in the wound, immediately return the control to your doctor.

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