Can Scoliosis Be Inherited?

Illustration of Can Scoliosis Be Inherited?
Illustration: Can Scoliosis Be Inherited?

If the long leg is always synonymous with scoliosis? R nAnd can scoliosis be lowered?

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The discrepancy (difference) in leg length, if it is not too obvious, often does not cause significant problems for the sufferer. However, if this difference is far enough, various complaints can arise, for example tiredness, aches, difficulty walking, and so on. This of course can reduce the quality of life of the sufferer.

In most cases, the difference in leg length is only part of the normal genetic variation. Generally, this difference lies in the femur (femur) and front calf (tibia). This difference in leg length can occur due to various reasons, including:

History of injury to the leg; Injuries resulting in fractures in adults generally cause the growth of the broken bones to be slower than other bones, whereas in children it is the opposite (except when the fracture occurs in the epiphyseal plate)
Bone infection (osteomyelitis), especially if it occurs in children
Bone dysplasia, for example due to neurofibromatosis, Ollier disease, multiple hereditary oxostoses
Neurological disorders, for example those that cause paralysis of one leg, so that legs that are never used tend to be smaller and shorter
Juvenile arthritis (inflammation of the joints during growth), and so on

Scoliosis, which is an abnormally curved spine to the side, can indeed cause your posture to become asymmetrical, making it look like your legs will be different in length. However, when measured objectively, scoliosis alone should not cause a significant difference in leg length, unless there are other factors as noted above.

Scoliosis can occur due to various reasons, including genetic factors (heredity). In addition, degenerative, congenital (birth defects) and neuromuscular disorders also play a role in the appearance of scoliosis.

A direct evaluation by an orthopedic specialist is required to identify the cause of the difference in foot length. Generally, in addition to interviews and physical examinations, doctors will also carry out further examinations, such as x-rays, scanograms, CT scans, and other supporting tests. The treatment that will be given later can depend on the patient's age, size of the discrepancy, and also the cause of the discrepancy. This treatment can be done by conservative methods, namely observation or the use of special footwear, or surgery.

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