Can Sinusitis Come Back Even After Surgery?

Illustration of Can Sinusitis Come Back Even After Surgery?
Illustration: Can Sinusitis Come Back Even After Surgery?

Good evening, in the past few weeks I have had a lot of dizziness like when I was in the sinuses before the surgery a year ago. U003cbr u003I have a lot of pain in my eyes, face and forehead. to the point that even lifting my head was heavy. even though the operation was only a year ago. u003cbr u003edan if I go out wearing a helmet for about 30 minutes, I will be dizzy again. How do you handle it? Do I have to ct-scan again? and so far I only use intravenous fluids to spray into my nose. but my nose still hurts, there is even a bad smell if I force my nose discharge, the smell is like the smell of blood but not a nosebleed. explanation please

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus wall or the small air-filled cavity behind the cheekbones and forehead. These sinuses function to lighten the burden on the head and help produce sound.

When these sinuses are infected with viruses, bacteria or there are risk factors such as allergies, smoking, a decreased immune system, narrowing of the nasal cavity either due to polyps or certain structural abnormalities or so on, sinusitis can occur.

Among the symptoms of sinusitis are true, as you say, in the form of pain around the eyes, face and forehead, especially when looking down or pressed, dizziness, blocked breath, fever, bad breath, fatigue and disturbed sense of smell. And because you have experienced it before, with the similarity of the symptoms, the greater the condition you are experiencing now sinusitis. But there is nothing wrong with knowing other possibilities of the symptoms you are experiencing, namely:

A cluster headache characterized by excruciating pain, centered on one eye, red, watery eyes and a runny nose

Vertigo or a sensation of dizziness spinning
Rebound headaches, which occur in those who frequently use painkillers

We highly recommend that you check your condition again with an ENT specialist for further tests, at least the same as what you underwent when you were first diagnosed with sinusitis some time ago, perhaps with facial X-rays, CT-scans, blood tests and so on. This is very possible because sinusitis can recur even after surgery. Because when the surgery, what is done is the doctor tries to open or remove the cause of the existing blockage. If the blockage occurs again, it is not impossible for sinusitis to recur.

Meanwhile, what you can do at home is increase your consumption of water, and use a humidifier if you have one. Continue spraying the nasal fluids and if it hurts, take an over-the-counter pain medication by reading the instructions first. Next is you can try inhaling hot steam from boiled water, may be added with eucalyptus oil, or menthol. Warm compresses on your sinus area, and consume warm foods such as soup. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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