Can Smoking Transmit Corona?

Illustration of Can Smoking Transmit Corona?
Illustration: Can Smoking Transmit Corona?

. I have a question … do people infected with corona and smokers … when infected people smoke … smoke coming out of smokers’ noses and mouths … if someone else hits it … can other people get infected with corona?

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Corona virus is a new virus that causes a disease called COVID-19. This virus can affect anyone, whether babies, children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women, and also breastfeeding. COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system and causes mild to severe flu symptoms such as pneumonia, which are fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Symptoms of COVID-19 will appear 2 days to 2 weeks of corona virus exposure.

A person can get COVID-19 through a variety of ways:

 Accidentally inhale saliva splashes (droplets) from coughing or sneezing with COVID-19 Holds nose or mouth without washing hands first after touching an object affected by a droplet with COVID-19 Contact in close proximity to a person with COVID-19, for example touching, cipika- cipiki, or shaking hands This corona virus can infect anyone, but the effect will be more dangerous if it infects the elderly, pregnant women, people who have chronic diseases such as diabetes or asthma before, and in people with low endurance. Transmission through cigarette smoke is not yet clearly proven scientifically, but it is not impossible that there is a splash of saliva or droplet that comes out of his mouth that can infect people around him. Moreover, if someone has been infected with COVID-19, it will be dangerous if he continues to smoke, because it will worsen the symptoms of respiratory infections arising from COVID-19.

In order to prevent corona virus transmission, you can do the following:

 Wash hands with soap and water, if not, use hand sanitizer. Use a mask if you are sick so as not to infect others. Maintain endurance by taking vitamins. Do not travel outside the city or abroad where corona virus is endemic. Avoid contact with animals that have potential transmission of corona virus You can also check the risk whether you have a risk factor for being infected with corona or not by clicking this link. I hope this helps.


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