Can Spenomegaly Recover?

Good afternoon, I want to ask obs spenomegaly, this disease can definitely heal, right?

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Hello Novia, thank you for asking

Actually in medical itself there is no term for obs, usually this obs is a word that comes from the word "observation" which is shortened by medical personnel to make it easier. The word observation is usually written in conditions that require evaluation, or further follow-up. And in medical there is also no spenomegaly, maybe you mean splenomegaly?

If yes, splenomegaly is a medical term to describe swelling or enlargement of the spleen or "spleen" organ. This enlarged organ of the spleen can be caused by several diseases and infections. Under normal conditions, the spleen is only 11-20 cm in size, weighing up to 500 grams. But in splenomegaly, the size of the spleen can be> 20 cm, weighing more than 1 kg.

Regarding the treatment of splenomegaly and its recovery will depend on the cause of the splenomegaly. Here are some conditions that can cause splenomegaly, namely:

Virus infection
Parasitic infections for example: malaria.
Bacterial infections, such as syphilis or endocarditis.
Blood cancer, such as leukemia.
Lymphoma or lymph node cancer (KGB)
Conditions related to the liver such as hepatic cirrhosis

Hemolytic anemia, which is a condition that causes red blood cells to disintegrate faster than their formation, causing the lymphatic organs to work extra so that they enlarge
Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Cancer that has spread to the spleen.

To ensure splenomegaly, it requires direct physical examination, for example by examining the stomach, then supporting examinations to help, such as ultrasound, or MRI, or CT scan. USG or CT scan is usually used to determine the size of the spleen and see the condition of other organs that are depressed due to enlarged spleen size. and MRI, to determine the flow of blood in the spleen

Therefore, the treatment of splenomegaly and the level of recovery will depend on the cause. For example splenomegaly caused by infection, it is necessary to overcome the cause of the infection then splitting of the spleen organs will be observed, and usually able to recover. If jplasplenomegaly causes serious complications and no known cause, the doctor will perform a surgical removal of the spleen (splenectomy).

But splenomegaly is sometimes not accompanied by symptoms and no cause is found. If this happens, the doctor needs more time to evaluate and observe, by waiting while monitoring the progress of the patient's condition. Patients will be advised to control or conduct periodic examinations to be observed according to doctor's orders. We encourage you to consult and discuss further with an internist who has already funded you for further management,

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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