Can Squint Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Squint Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Squint Be Cured?

So, like this, I have a squint not in one eye, but both. For the example like, my right eye is normal, but the left eye is looking in a different direction, when I close my right eye, the left one is normal, but when I open it again, it closes (right eye), my right eye turns to the right another while the left eye becomes normal. Can it be cured or not ??

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Crossed eyes or in the medical world called strabismus is a condition in which the two eyes look at different directions due to the two eye positions being misaligned. Various underlying causes of complaints such as genetic, head injury, refractive disorders of the eye, and so on.

Handling of squints includes:

 Blindfold, performed in a lazy eye where healthy eyes are closed so that the eye muscles in the weak part of the eye can be harder The use of glasses, aimed at abnormalities of refraction Train the eye / eye sports Eye muscle surgery Can or whether the complaint is cured is certainly greatly influenced by the cause underlie. Therefore, consult an ophthalmologist to find out the cause and the appropriate treatment options.

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