Can Staples Occur In The Upper Eyelid? What’s The Solution?

Illustration of Can Staples Occur In The Upper Eyelid? What’s The Solution?
Illustration: Can Staples Occur In The Upper Eyelid? What’s The Solution?

, I want to ask, it’s been 2 days my eyes hurt, the first hurts in his eyes, the second day in the morning the upper eyelids are red … and for blinking aches accompanied by such dizziness … could it be a pimple in the upper eyelid ?? If yes, ask for a solution ,, how to overcome it ?? And what should there be a small operation like that ?? Please help, thank you 🙏

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Hi Dhex,

Thank you for asking

Eyelids that feel painful, reddish, accompanied by dizziness may indicate a pimple (hordeolum). Nipple itself is a condition where the glands in the eyelids become inflamed. Various factors can trigger this condition, ranging from poor personal hygiene, the use of unhygienic contact lenses, the use of cosmetics that are no longer suitable for use, and certain skin conditions (such as rosacea). These factors will further cause the glands in the eyelids to be susceptible to infection, especially by the bacterium Staphylococcus, which ultimately causes stunting. Not only pain and redness, strep sufferers will also find a lump in the eyelid, which often deflates or breaks on its own without the need for special treatment.

In addition to pimples, pain and redness on the eyelids, to dizziness that you experience may also be caused by blepharitis, irritant contact dermatitis, shingles, folliculitis, acne, migraine, cluster headaches, glaucoma, and so on. Depending on the underlying cause, your condition can be treated with a variety, such as by observation, drug administration, surgery, and so on.

In the meantime, you can first apply warm compresses to your sore eyelids. Always keep the eye area and its surroundings so that it is always clean, avoid holding eyes with dirty hands or nails. Also avoid excessive use of cosmetics, especially cosmetics that have expired or are not suitable for use. Be diligent in washing your face using the right cleansing soap. Finally, get plenty of rest and don't use drugs to treat your complaints carelessly without doctor's advice.

If within 1 to 3 days your complaints have not improved until now, do not hesitate to go to a doctor or eye specialist right ..

I hope this helps.

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