Can Stomach Acid Go Up To The Head?

Illustration of Can Stomach Acid Go Up To The Head?
Illustration: Can Stomach Acid Go Up To The Head?

Good evening my doctor wants to ask if stomach gas can go up to the head. I have excess stomach gas.

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Hi Ika,

Thank you for the question.

Parietal cells in the stomach wall normally produce stomach acid (HCl) to facilitate digestion of food and drinks consumed. It's just that, due to several factors, the production of stomach acid can increase, so that makes the stomach and chest feel bloated (gassed), sore, tightness, lumps, nausea, can even appear vomiting, decreased appetite, coughing, and various other complaints that heavier. Because of this discomfort, the body will respond by producing more stress hormones. As a result, a variety of other physical complaints will also emerge, including complaints in the head, namely dizziness, headaches, pressure, and so on. So, it is actually quite incorrect to say that this stomach acid rises to the head.

Treatment for increased gastric acid can vary depending on the cause. In most cases, this condition can improve considerably with natural steps, such as:

Eat a little but often
Limit foods that are irritative and difficult to digest first, for example sauces, chilli, high-fiber vegetables, sour fruit, coconut milk, fried foods
Drink more warm water
If there are foods or drinks that make you allergic, do not consume
Don't take medicine carelessly
Don't lie down right after eating
Control your emotions well
Regularly rest and exercise

However, if the complaint has not improved with the above efforts, immediately you check with your doctor or internist in order to find further solutions.

I hope this helps.

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