Can Stress Cause Brain Hemorrhage?

Illustration of Can Stress Cause Brain Hemorrhage?
Illustration: Can Stress Cause Brain Hemorrhage?

Good night doctor. Can brain hemorrhage be caused by stress? If so, why is that?

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Brain bleeding is one of the causes of stroke which can cause brain damage and its implications. When bleeding strokes occur, blood supply to the brain will be interrupted, and bleeding will cause the brain to urge in related areas. Therefore, the presence of cerebral hemorrhage can have broad implications on brain function and body function, causing complaints such as:
1. body paralysis one side
2. loss of speech
3. decreased awareness
4. Decreased memory function
5. headache
6. nausea and vomiting
7. visual disturbances
8. convulsions
To ensure a stroke due to bleeding or blockage of blood vessels / thrombosis, it is necessary to consult and examine directly by a neurologist or neurosurgery. Supporting examinations will be done either by blood examination or MRI examination or CT scan to find out the point of bleeding or blockage that is cause stroke.
In connection with your question, a bleeding stroke is a stroke in the form of a ruptured brain blood vessel that causes brain damage and the process of urging space in the area concerned. This bleeding stroke can be triggered by several conditions, such as:
1. aneurysm or blood vessel abnormality
2. high blood pressure
3. diabetes
4. stress or depression
5. trauma
Therefore, stress does not directly cause stroke, but other risk factors such as heart disease, high blood pressure accompanied by stress or depression can increase the risk of stroke. Because with increasing stress, the risk of blood pressure will increase, causing damage to target organs, such as the brain.
However, to find out whether there are risk factors for health problems that can trigger a stroke accompanied by stress, then you should consult directly with a neurologist as described above. Thus, prevention is expected to be done immediately and treatment of stroke carried out as optimal as possible to prevent broader brain damage.
For that, you should consider doing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding stress to improve the quality of your health.
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