Can Stress Cause Colds And Colds?

Illustration of Can Stress Cause Colds And Colds?
Illustration: Can Stress Cause Colds And Colds?

Can stress cause colds and colds?

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Symptoms of fever and runny nose are most likely caused by infection in the respiratory tract. Infection can be caused by viruses or bacteria (in very rare cases it can also be caused by fungal infections). Mental stress alone will not cause fever or colds. However, many studies have shown a link between stress and a decrease in the body's immune system. People who experience excessive stress, their immune system will also experience a decrease and people whose immune system decreases will more easily experience pain due to infection.

Therefore, although stress does not directly cause fever and colds, but indirectly the two can be related. If indeed you are experiencing excessive stress, try to do relaxation exercises to calm your mind, for example, do deep breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation. Try to get enough sleep and rest every day (at least 7-9 hours a day), eat and drink enough every day, and try to do regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Reduce smoking, drinking alcohol, including consuming caffeinated beverages such as coffee.

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