Can Stress Cause Coughing Up Phlegm?

Illustration of Can Stress Cause Coughing Up Phlegm?
Illustration: Can Stress Cause Coughing Up Phlegm?

Hello wr.wbDo I want to ask, I was 3 years ago it was having a lot of problems (stress) so many thoughts. Strangely, the stress causes coughing up phlegm which in my opinion is quite severe and I often hold back the cough to be expelled, so that my chest is often tight, which the doctor said a few more levels I could be sentenced Tbc, I was then advised to X-rayed so I could know fear there is nothing in my lungs. After being X-rayed and treated for 1 month I was cured, so I never consulted with the hospital again, but now I experience it again. is there a lot of mind connection with cough? Is it a serious illness or not?

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at In medical science, psychic and physical influences are never truly separated from one another. In the point of view of the disease, the difference is most only the portion of its contribution to the disease, such as a certain disease is more likely to be caused by a psychological condition, while more other diseases are more on the physical condition, but the two components are always there, and always support each other.

More specifically, there are indeed psychological disorders that arise in the form of physical complaints, and that is called a psychosomatic condition. Those who experience psychosomatic conditions, will raise physical complaints when experiencing certain psychological conditions, such as stress, anger, sadness and so forth. Physical conditions vary, but among the most often are abdominal pain, dizziness, tingling, aches and aches of muscles throughout the body, and headaches. In overcoming this condition, it is actually quite a psychological condition to be eliminated, while perhaps being helped by drugs that can relieve symptoms. So this is not a severe disease, but it cannot be denied, some people find it difficult to eliminate the psychological condition that is the main cause.

In your case, coughing is actually a fairly rare symptom, although 'rarely' does not mean closing a possibility. But it would be better if you check your condition again, because it is not impossible that your stress and cough are not related and just happen to happen together. Or related, but the connection is more on stress makes your immune weakened, then makes you more susceptible to disease. So it's not a direct stress relationship that causes coughing. To find out, you should check yourself.

What needs to be a concern is, especially if you are convicted of TB, the disease is treated for a minimum of 6 months, but often the patient feels more comfortable or feels healed well before 6 months so he does not feel that he needs to continue the medication. This view is very wrong, and it has the potential to harm him. If the drug is not continued, the bacteria which had been weak due to consumption of the drug, can rise again, and this time may not work with the same drug. TB bacteria become more rampant and cause more severe complications to death. Therefore, if you take more medication, whatever it is, stay in control until your doctor mentions that you don't need control anymore.

Meanwhile, multiply the consumption of warm drinks such as tea mixed with honey or oranges, adequate rest, avoid stress, avoid cigarette smoke, and take a warm bath. So, hopefully answering your question.

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