Can Stress Cause Disease Recurrence?

Illustration of Can Stress Cause Disease Recurrence?
Illustration: Can Stress Cause Disease Recurrence?

, introduce me Novia. I want to ask, is it true that if we stress can cause disease recurrence?

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Hello Novia, thanks for asking.

The relationship between stress levels and the onset of a disease, has long been proven by many studies. Stress is actually needed by the body, at certain levels. For example, stress on skeletal muscles when exercising, will increase the formation of new muscle mass. Stress when working on academic problems, will improve the ability of analysis and decision making. However, when stress exceeds the body's ability to cope, various problems arise. Problems can be physical and psychological disorders.

The relationship between stress and illness, is very complex. Some of the most significant pathways between the relationship of stress and disease are:

When stress occurs there is an increase in stress hormones, such as cortisol. Kosrtisol will increase metabolism and improve sympathetic nerve work. As a result, there is an increase in blood pressure, heart work, respiratory muscle work, sleep disorders, and so on.
Stress increases the release of inflammatory mediators throughout the body. As a result the body becomes more easily experience symptoms of inflammation such as fever, muscle and joint pain, plaque buildup in blood vessels, and so on.
An increase in oxidant levels during stress. Oxidants will disrupt the work of cells in all body tissues.

Therefore, excessive and prolonged stress, is very likely to cause an illness. Recognize and deal with stress immediately. Ask for professional help to deal with your stress. Do the relaxation method that is right for you. Get a good night's sleep, drink 2 L of water per day, and multiply the intake of vegetables and fruit.

Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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