Can Stroke Sufferers Consume Simvastatin?

Illustration of Can Stroke Sufferers Consume Simvastatin?
Illustration: Can Stroke Sufferers Consume Simvastatin?

I want to ask, I have a stroke for the first day today. Blood cholesterol test from cholesterol finger 231 continues to be given the drug Simvastatin 20 mg, but there is a drug consumption of aspilet and amlodipin, so can you take the simvastatinny?

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Hello Arie, thank you for asking at

Simvastatin is a statin drug that works to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Simvastatin is a drug that is obtained by a doctor's prescription, so using it yourself without first checking a doctor is not recommended.

That way the use of simvastatin can certainly be used in people who have a stroke. But it is advisable to consult your doctor first before consuming, moreover you have a history of using aspilet (aspirin) which is a blood-thinning drug.

For now things you can do are:

Maintain a diet, avoid foods with high saturated fat content
Regular and regular exercise
Get enough rest
Routine control to the doctor

So, hopefully useful.

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