Can Sucking On The Breast Cause A Change In Breast Size?

, if a man sucks a virgin woman’s breast can cause it to change in size? Then is it true that the size of the nipples is more prominent than before? Can you return to the condition of the breast as before it was sucked and stimulated? Thank you

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Sucking on the breasts of women who are still or not virgins will not cause a change in breast size, a change in nipple size, or make the nipple more prominent.

When stimulation of the breasts, the nipples will become harder and more prominent, but this hardening and protrusion is only temporary (only occurs when stimulated). When it is no longer stimulated, the nipple will return to its original state. Enlargement of the breasts and nipples is more influenced by hormonal conditions (eg before menstruation, during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding) than by external stimulation.

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