Can Swimming Therapy Cure Pinched Nerve Pain?

Illustration of Can Swimming Therapy Cure Pinched Nerve Pain?
Illustration: Can Swimming Therapy Cure Pinched Nerve Pain?

Good afternoon, yesterday I had a pain in my waist and spread to my thighs to my feet. When I checked with the general practitioner he stated that I had a pinched nerve and suggested for swimming therapy, whether swimming therapy can cure a pinched nerve and how many days I had to swim. And how many hours once the therapy.

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Pinched nerve or in medical referred to as Hernia Nucleus Pulposus, is a condition when the cushion between the spine is squeezed by the vertebrae which are above and below which can cause complaints as you experience.

This condition can generally improve on its own within a few weeks to several months, but during that time, the sufferer is not advised to engage in strenuous activity. The drugs given are only intended to relieve the symptoms caused, and if the complaint does not improve either by using drugs, then it may require further therapy to an orthopedic specialist for operative action.

For swimming alone, it is indeed one of the recommended exercises for people with pinched nerves because this exercise is included in aerobic exercise but can help ease the burden on the spine during sports, and can strengthen the back muscles to prevent nerve worsening pinched it. This sport does not aim to cure pinched nerves that occur, it only helps to reduce complaints.

Based on research, swimming for 2x or more a week can significantly reduce complaints, but there is no specific reference to how long you are advised to do it. It is recommended to do swimming swimming as much as possible, and stop if complaints start to arise or you are tired.

Although it is good for people with pinched nerves, there are still some things that must be considered while doing this exercise so as not to aggravate or trigger complaints such as:

Minimize movement in the waist area
Choose a spine-friendly swimming style such as freestyle and backstroke, avoid doing breaststroke or butterfly style

If you find it difficult, it is advisable to consult further with a medical rehabilitation specialist to help you create an exercise program specifically for your condition.

I hope this helps.

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