Can Syphilis Be Fully Healed?

Illustration of Can Syphilis Be Fully Healed?
Illustration: Can Syphilis Be Fully Healed?

I have symptoms of syphilis stage 1, I have taken 500 mg cravox regularly every morning and night at 7, now it has been running for the 15th day and the condition of the lesions has begun to disappear and not itch. I wonder when I can stop taking cravox. and can I recover completely?

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As you might already know, syphilis or many lay people know by the term lion king is one of the diseases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) where the transmission is through sexual contact.

Cravox is the name of a commercial drug containing quinolone class of antibiotics. Where this regimen can be an alternative treatment for Treponema pallidum. Basically the therapy for eradicating the bacteria that causes syphilis is with penicillin antibiotics, but if it is proven that someone has a history of allergies to the drug or has a history of not working / the drug is immune to bacteria in his body, then therapy can be given using other antibiotics .

In its use, the antibiotic drug is given at least 14 days for syphilis cases, but of course the length of administration of the regimen is adjusted to the severity of the syphilis that is experienced, so that its use can be longer than the minimum time of administration.

To be sure, you should consult back to the doctor who treats you so that the doctor can evaluate the therapy that has been given. And can decide whether the therapy is sufficient or still needs to be continued for some time to come.

While of course you need to take care of yourself so that syphilis does not recur and settle in your body, so that it does not become more latent syphilis that will stay in the body continuously. Namely by maintaining the cleanliness of your genitals well, and do not have sexual relations until the doctor decides that you really have recovered from syphilis. In addition, what needs to be avoided so that in the future there is no syphilis again is not to switch between partners who are at high risk of causing someone to get syphilis or taking drugs, especially drugs that are consumed using shared needles or without being sterilized.

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