Can Taking Vitamin Supplements Damage The Kidneys?

Illustration of Can Taking Vitamin Supplements Damage The Kidneys?
Illustration: Can Taking Vitamin Supplements Damage The Kidneys?

night. I personally have a hard time eating fruits and vegetables and is there another way that my body does not lack vitamins, especially vitamin C is very important to fight bacterial and viral infections. whether taking vitamin supplements can damage the kidneys and how to treat the kidneys even if we take supplements. thank you to the team.

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Hello Daeng Aris, thank you for asking

Consumption of sata supplements is useful for supporting health. There are several types of supplements where these supplements contain several vitamins and nutrients the body needs. The benefits provided by this supplement also depend on the type consumed. Although supplements provide health benefits, a number of things need to be considered before taking supplements.

That need to be considered when you need to take vitamins is whether the body needs these supplements, and also needs to be considered the benefits provided and the effects of one risk of using these supplements. The sebananr supplement is only supplementary, not a substitute for certain foods or drugs.

Here are some things you need to consider before taking or buying supplements to consume:

You should ask your doctor first, regarding your body's needs for these supplements. Especially if you have retentu health problems. In addition, because this supplement is only supplementary, not all people need the supplement

Pay attention to the label on the package. Starting from the dosage of use, the ingredients contained in vitamin supplements, the dosage of consumption, benefits, side effects, and date
Check whether the supplement will cause certain side effects
Reconsider whether the supplement to be consumed is registered with BPOM, to ensure that the supplement has circulating permission and is safe to use

Therefore, because each supplement has different ingredients and benefits, the consumption of these supplements can also cause different side effects. In this case not all supplements can damage kidney function. Therefore it is wise in its use. Use supekemen that are indeed needed by the body.

In principle, supplements can not replace food. Nutrition, the best vitamins are derived from food naturally. Nutritional and vitamin needs should be fulfilled by food eaten daily. Consumption of supplements is also not prohibited, but make sure you use it wisely while keeping up with your diet and regular exercise.

To maintain kidney health is to lead a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to the nutrients consumed, reduce the consumption of sugar to prevent diabetes, and also drink enough water. Avoid taking drugs or herbal supplements in the long run without consulting a doctor first.

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That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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