Can TB And Meningitis Recur?

Illustration of Can TB And Meningitis Recur?
Illustration: Can TB And Meningitis Recur?

I suffer from extra-pulmonary TB in the brain and meningen. After treatment is complete, can it recur? Then how to check is free of TB what to do?

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Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest TB (Tuberculosis) incidence in the world. Most TB cases occur in the lungs, although not a few also affect the extra-pulmonary organs, including the brain (TB encephalitis) and the lining of the brain (TB meningitis). Frequently, extra-pulmonary TB occurs in people with poor immune systems, for example in people with HIV-AIDS or malnutrition. The germ that causes TB can spread from the airways to other organs through the hematogenous route (through blood vessels) or lymphogens (through lymph vessels).

Brain TB and brain membranes are not incurable diseases. Although generally requires a short healing period (at least 9 months), with good treatment, sufferers can often recover and get back to their activities properly. However, in some cases, this condition can also lead to serious complications, including death.

After undergoing treatment, doctors will generally direct patients with brain TB and the lining of the brain to undergo periodic control. This examination is intended to evaluate the success of treatment, while also observing potential side effects that arise. At the time of this control, interviews, physical examinations, and some supporting tests (such as blood culture, x-rays, CT scans, MRI, lumbar puncture, electroencephalography, and brain biopsy) may be done by a doctor.

Our advice, live the treatment and control well as advised by your doctor, neurologist, or specialist in your disease, yes .. That way, your condition can be handled properly and potential dangerous complications can be prevented.

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