Can TB Treatment Be Done Without Doing A Sputum Test?

Illustration of Can TB Treatment Be Done Without Doing A Sputum Test?
Illustration: Can TB Treatment Be Done Without Doing A Sputum Test?

, can I take TB treatment at community health centers without a sputum test? because I don’t have phlegm. Only the x-ray shows minimal lung tuberculosis lesions

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Diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (pulmonary TB) can be confirmed in various ways. In general, pulmonary TB will begin to be suspected in people who show typical clinical symptoms such as:

Cough longer than 3 weeks, does not improve with treatment
Weight loss
Night sweats
Coughing up blood
Shortness of breath and chest pain
Weakness and fatigue quickly

If these clinical symptoms are found, the examination will usually be followed by a smear (acid-resistant bacteria) sputum examination to look for the presence of tuberculosis bacteria in the sputum. In some people, BTA examination can also be done with samples of pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, rinse the bronchi, rinse the stomach, and others. Sputum examination is carried out 2 times with a minimum of 1 sputum in the morning. Sputum examination is the main test to diagnose pulmonary TB.

In addition to sputum examination, patients with pulmonary TB will also be asked to do a chest X-ray or CT scan. In some people, tuberculosis treatment will still be carried out even though the sputum test results show no tuberculosis bacteria (or what is called smear negative). Smear negative pulmonary TB is defined as:

1. Pulmonary TB with negative sputum examination results but tuberculosis bacteria culture shows a positive result, or

2. If culture facilities are not available, a chest X-ray may be used according to the image of active TB accompanied by one of the following conditions:

a positive HIV test result
if HIV negative, shows no clinical improvement after broad-spectrum antibiotics.

If you have not had a sputum test, it is likely that at the health center you will be asked to do a sputum check first. If indeed the sputum examination does not find tuberculosis bacteria or the sputum cannot be removed, but you have characteristic clinical symptoms, along with your X-ray shows active pulmonary TB, and you have HIV or don't have HIV but your symptoms do not improve with giving antibiotics, then TB treatment can still be given.

Consult your condition further with the doctor at the puskesmas.

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