Can The Drug Acetyl L. Tyrosine Control The Risk Of Depression In Premenopausal Women?

Illustration of Can The Drug Acetyl L. Tyrosine Control The Risk Of Depression In Premenopausal Women?
Illustration: Can The Drug Acetyl L. Tyrosine Control The Risk Of Depression In Premenopausal Women?

Afternoon doctor, my wife’s condition in premenopause which affects the emotions that fear leads to depression. Is the drug NALT can overcome this? Are there any side effects? Thank you in advance

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There are complaints of emotional control and the risk of depression that your wife may experience and currently, your wife is also in the premenopausal period, so certain medications or supplements should be done after meeting with your obstetrician or psychiatrist. Giving certain drugs or certain supplements is not the main solution for patients at risk of emotional control difficulties and leads to depression without direct examination to the doctor and find out the cause. So that when necessary, administration of N acetyl L. Tyrosine (NALT) should be given after you and your wife consult with your obstetrician or psychiatrist. This relates to knowing the cause, evaluation and treatment that is appropriate for your wife.

In general, women in premenopause and menopause can experience disorders of the female hormonal balance, which is a natural process experienced. In the early days of this hormonal influence, some women in premenopause will experience complaints that may be felt, such as:

Easily tired
Increased body weight
Heart rhythm disorders
Easy emotions or uncontrolled emotions
Menstrual cycle disorders
Hot flash or feeling warm on the body
Sleep disturbance
Decreased sexual desire
Easy to forget
Concentration problems

So that premenopausal and menopausal can affect a woman's mental and psychological state. But indeed, in addition to hormonal factors, several external factors also influence the emergence of stress and the risk of depression, because external factors also have a role in controlling the condition of psychology during the pre-menstrual period, such as:

Worry about his health
Worry gets old
Worries children will be independent and leave him
Job factor
Surrounding environmental factors

Therefore, the important points of preventing stress, anxiety and the risk of depression during menstruation are understanding the current health conditions, understanding all of this is a natural process, and ensuring there are no external triggering factors that aggravate complaints, and try to control emotions by exercising , becoming more mature in every new challenge encountered. Thus, this natural process can be accepted and run well over time. While you and your family continue to provide positive support to your wife, so that your wife can live it well.

Regarding the NALT drug, this drug is an amino acid drug, which helps patients with phenylketonurie (PKU) disorders, where patients cannot form tyrosine naturally, so the addition of tyrosine can be given to help with the need for these amino acids. And Tyrosine is also contained in food consumed daily, so that patients who do not have PKU abnormalities, can meet their needs by consuming nutritious food.

The indications for this medicine are to improve memory, improve learning ability, reduce stress in conditions that are full of stress or anxiety, help alertness. Side effects can be nausea, headaches and stomach discomfort, so this drug is safe to take by patients. The existence of stress conditions and anxiety complaints of increasing anxiety, this drug can be indicated for patients. However, giving this drug to patients with depression does not provide good effectiveness, so to find out whether or not to take this drug, it requires advice and input from a doctor who conducts a direct examination of your wife.

From all the above descriptions, it is necessary to know the causes of stress or depression that may occur, handling stress and the risk of depression according to the cause will be very useful in preventing this risk recurrence. The administration of NALT drugs should not be a primary solution, but rather an additional alternative in controlling complaints of women with menopause and complaints of stress or risk of depression. Therefore, management of patients with premenopause or anxiety needs to be directly discussed and supervised by an obstetrician and / or psychiatrist. Thus, your wife can undergo the premenopausal phase calmly and does not affect her health and psychology. So, for now, I cannot give a recommendation for giving NALT to your wife.

Discuss with your doctor who treats your wife, so that what you have planned can and expect to work well under your doctor's supervision. In addition, seeking relaxation, regular exercise, idealizing body weight will help reduce complaints during premenopause.

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