Can The Fetus In The Womb Be Stuck In The Right Rib Cage

Illustration of Can The Fetus In The Womb Be Stuck In The Right Rib Cage
Illustration: Can The Fetus In The Womb Be Stuck In The Right Rib Cage

Complaints during pregnancy 7m, lower abdominal pain, difficulty walking n also sick. Is the fetal head stuck in the right rib cage? Because of pain in the right rib. Can I order the stomach during pregnancy?

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 Do you mean 7 m pregnancy or 7 months? Or 7 Weeks?
 At 7 weeks gestation, the fetus is in the stage of organ formation. At this time the head is already formed, but the size of the fetus is still very small, which is as big as a cherry. And the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity. So it is impossible if the fetal head is trapped in the rib cage.
 As for pregnancy at the age of 7 months, the uterus has enlarged to enter the abdominal cavity. Precisely, the very top of the uterus or the top of the uterus is about 4 fingers below the canopy or the xipoideus processus. At this gestational age, the head or other body parts of the fetus have reached the level of the mother's lower rib cage. However, this fetal body part will not be stuck in the rib cage, because there is a thick uterine wall as a protector. In addition, there are also muscles, organs and other tissues attached to and attached to the rib cage. Sometimes the mother can feel pain around the rib cage due to the fetal fingers pressing in that direction, but it doesn't get stuck huh.
 Although the fetus is protected by the mother's abdominal wall and uterus, it is not permissible to massage the abdomen. Because many risks can occur.
 As for complaints that mothers experience, can be a natural thing. Where the death occurred due to changes in the body shape of the mother. However, if it upsets the mother, consult with a medical rehab doctor so physiotherapy can be done.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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