Can The Forehead Scar Disappear?

Illustration of Can The Forehead Scar Disappear?
Illustration: Can The Forehead Scar Disappear?

, 3 days ago I had an accident and my forehead was hit and had to be sewn, 5 stitches, if I have lost the stitches in a month and could my bruise on the face from the impact disappear too?

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Healed scars can be characterized by dry scars, which no longer cause symptoms of inflammation (pain, redness, bleeding, watery, swollen, bruised, suppurating), and the skin is well integrated. After this condition is achieved, if the skin is sewn before using non-absorbable thread (cannot be absorbed by the body itself), the doctor can remove the stitches. After this, the stitches will slowly fade and disappear by themselves without disturbing marks.

The healing process of stitches on the skin can take place in a variety of times, often ranging from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the wound, the depth of the wound, the shape of the wound, the location of the wound, treatment of the wound, as well as your general health condition. However, for these wounds to disappear completely without a trace, of course this requires a longer time. In people with certain genetic predispositions, even these scars can not disappear at all, but widen, thicken, or blacken due to excessive growth of scar tissue after injury (hypertrophic scars, keloids).

Compared to other areas of the body that move frequently, wounds on the forehead will often heal faster. Suturing your wound can also help the wound heal faster than if it were not sewn. However, without checking the condition of the wound directly, it is certainly not our authority to determine whether the wound can heal and disappear within 1 month, or not. However, if the bruises you are asking about, with good care, often they will reduce in less than 1 week.

Our advice, consult directly with your doctor or surgeon who treated your wounds before. Regularly control your wound so that proper handling can be done so that the wound heals quickly and does not leave any irritating marks. The following steps can help your wound heal faster without a trace:

Clean the wound regularly every day as advised by the doctor to avoid secondary infections that are prone to make old wounds heal
Do not hold wounds with dirty hands
Do not squeeze, squeeze, or scratch a wound that has not healed completely
Do not carelessly provide other treatment for wounds except those recommended by the doctor
Keep the wound clean, free from friction or excessive pressure
Eating foods that have a balanced nutritional value, rich in protein are also antioxidants
Do not smoke
In bruised areas, compress with ice cubes (do not hit the injured side), and elevate during sleep, do not press too much

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