Can The Hands Grip Again After An Accident?

Illustration of Can The Hands Grip Again After An Accident?
Illustration: Can The Hands Grip Again After An Accident?

My doc just had an accident and my hands had to be sewn in the flesh due to my tendons breaking and my skin would turn back to normal and hold again,

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Hello David Ramadhan,

Tendons are the parts that connect muscles to bones. Tendon contractions will allow the movement of bones and body parts to make complicated movements. There are tons of tendons in our arms, hands, and fingers. Therefore a lot of complex movements can be done by human hands and fingers.

Tendons can rupture or tear as a result of trauma, either due to blunt impact like in a traffic accident, sharp trauma (hacked, cut), or because of a sports injury. Patients who experience tendon rupture can easily be seen by us unable to make certain movements at the far end (distal) of the broken tendon.

Surgical action to repair (repair) by sewing back the two ends of the broken tendon is needed to allow movement that is controlled by the tendon is back. However, in practice the tendon rupture cannot always be repaired at all. Why? When the tendon is cut off it will quickly shorten and the tip is no longer visible, it is difficult to find even after the wound is widened. Tendons are broken after stitching, if in the healing process the patient is not obedient or the healing process is not good then it can break up again. Many patients also do not come immediately when the incident, so that the broken tendons have greatly shrunk (especially small tendons) and it is no longer possible to be connected and experience healing.

After tendon repair surgery, it takes up to 3 months for the connected tendons to have optimal strength. The movement of the patient involving the tendon is limited so that the two ends of the tendon can connect properly. Patients will usually be fitted with splints to limit the movement of the hands and arms, for several weeks. After that the patient must proceed with the rehabilitation process in the form of special movement exercises to help train the muscles of the injured area. The ability of the patient's hand to be able to make movements depends on the tendon connection process, whether or not healing. Most patients are able to perform large movements such as grasping with varying strength, but maybe finger movements will be slightly disturbed (depending on the type of damage, the severity of the damage).

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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