Can The Kidney Position Be Felt Directly On The Skin Of The Body?

Illustration of Can The Kidney Position Be Felt Directly On The Skin Of The Body?
Illustration: Can The Kidney Position Be Felt Directly On The Skin Of The Body?

Good evening, I want to ask. Kidney position sometimes 5 minutes below, then 15 minutes above, then 30 minutes below again is it dangerous? Is it innate since a baby? Thanks.

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Hello Nabila Z, thank you for your question to

Kidney is an important organ in our body. This is related to kidney function so much. Every human being normally has two functioning kidneys. Some kidney functions include:

controlling blood pressure and fluids in the body maintaining the acid-base balance (pH) the body maintaining the electrolyte / salt balance in the body getting rid of 'poisons' and unused compounds in the body play a role in the production of red blood cells and much more For its own location, kidney is located in the back of the abdominal cavity on the right and left (located further down, around the waist). This organ is protected by the skin, surrounding fat tissue, muscles, and rib bones. In fact, it is difficult to feel the structure of the kidney directly just by feeling it because it is located inside the abdominal cavity, even more so to see directly.

For the condition that you are experiencing, it needs to be examined further whether you feel it is a kidney organ or not. Because it is very unlikely to know the kidney's position in plain sight and through palpation (unless there is an enlargement in the kidney, for example due to tumors and others). In addition, you also need to observe further whether there are other complaints related to the condition you feel, such as urinary disorders, pain in the waist or stomach, and so forth.

For diseases related to the position of the kidneys, there is a congenital abnormality called birth ectopic kidney (kidney is in a position that should not be, can be below, above, or on the opposite side from the supposed). This occurs due to fetal disorders during organ development. Usually only one kidney is in a position that is not supposed to, while for the function of the kidney itself is usually still good. This case is quite rare, and once again, it is difficult to know this just by looking or feeling.

So that you do not feel worried and to ensure your condition, my advice is to check with your doctor. The doctor will dig further complaints that you experience and can do a complete physical examination. Even if needed, the doctor can do a supporting examination to see the position of your kidneys, such as x-rays or CT scans, ultrasound, and so forth.

Also read: Kidney Health and Disorders That May Occur.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you are always healthy.


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