Can The Nerve Be Cured Completely?

Illustration of Can The Nerve Be Cured Completely?
Illustration: Can The Nerve Be Cured Completely?

Goodnight, 9 months ago I experienced a pinched nerve, so far I have been taking physiotherapy and taking pain relievers, now my pinched nerve has gradually improved, My question, Is the pinched nerve able to heal completely? Thank you in advance.

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Hello. Good evening, Mr. Galih. Thank you for asking

Pinch nerve or HNP (Hernia Nucleus Pulposus) is a condition in which the cushion between the spine exits from its initial position and causes pressure on the nerves behind it. This happens with age, injury, obesity, often lifting heavy loads, smoking. Symptoms felt by patients are usually pain in the arms or legs that spreads and increases when given pressure such as coughing or sneezing, a tingling sensation, and weakness in muscle function.

The diagnosis is made by clinical examination and imaging is best done with a CT scan or MRI so that it can be ascertained for the location of the nerve clamps. Furthermore, the treatment given is adjusted to the severity

- In the initial degree usually given is a modification of risk factors, physiotherapy and the use of a buffer in the hope of providing a sense of comfort, maintaining position, and preventing worsening
- In the moderate degree is usually supplemented with pain relievers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or other stronger pain medications that must be prescribed by a doctor
- In severe degree, it is best to repair, that is surgery, especially in conditions where symptoms persist> 6 weeks with medications, muscle weakness, paralysis of the extremities.

The conditions experienced are analogous to biscuits with jam in the middle of a good condition the jam stays in between but if there is excessive pressure from around then the jam can get out of place. Imagine in the back of the biscuit arrangement there is a piece of string when the jam comes out then it can cause the rope to be touched or moved, in the case of the nerve the cord clamp is a nerve where the nerve is very sensitive to stimulation so that what the patient feels is pain. In conditions that have occurred with the treatment of risk factor modification, physiotherapy, and pain relievers will be very unlikely to return to its original position. To restore the original position that can be done is by an operation called disectomy. Operational considerations can provide overall but the risk of surgery is quite high because the spinal region consists of so many nerves that it can be a risk of injuring the surrounding sraf.

What can be done to relieve pain and maintain a more stable condition is to prevent things that aggravate such as heavy lifting, using a buffer, warm compresses, and do physiotherapy movements that are taught repeatedly at home. For further and evaluation should be done routinely with a neurologist.

More about: nerve clamps

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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