Can The Piercing On The Baby’s Ears Return To Normal?

Illustration of Can The Piercing On The Baby’s Ears Return To Normal?
Illustration: Can The Piercing On The Baby’s Ears Return To Normal?

Hello, this afternoon my baby just pierced his ear. The right and left sides differ slightly. I plan to re-pierce. Is the first hole can return to normal skin? Will it make an impression?

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There is a history of baby's right and left ear piercings but you find differences in the piercing points or are not symmetrical, so you want to re-pierce your baby's ears, then if this piercing has occurred a long time ago and the piercing wound has healed, then this will give you piercing marks on the baby's ears You. However, if the wound lasts for about 1 to two days, and the ear canal of the pierced set aside, then the possibility of a pierced scar may appear but not too thick or not too visible.

In a piercing wound that gives the possibility of forming a hole in the area of ​​the piercing point, the wound formed will form a contouring of the ear skin when healing the wound, so that the pierced ear skin will form a groove of pulling into the piercing hole which eventually circularly forms a piercing hole after healing. If the piercing has healed, and because of certain conditions, a person or baby's ear wants to be pierced in another area, then the old pierced scar will appear and give the consequences of the old piercing scar. To get rid of old pierced scars or holes, it can be done by a specialist skin surgeon, so that old pierced scars can be conditioned wherever possible not visible.

However, if a piercing wound that your baby has only received lasts for one or two days, during which the inflammation process is still ongoing and the wound healing process is still ongoing, then you can take the insulating material that is inserted into your baby's piercing. And if the wound dries, you can do a little injury to the piercing hole, so that the piercing hole can be reattached, and the possibility of a piercing scar does not appear after healing.

You can also choose the type of earrings that can cover the lack of asymmetrical piercing points. By using a wider earring, the asymmetrical piercing points can be obscured.

However, all of this should be done with the help of a pediatric surgeon or general surgeon or plastic surgeon in your city. This is related to the aesthetic piercing and repetition of the piercing for your baby. By visiting as soon as possible before the piercing wound heals, it will help the treatment of wound holes and piercing efforts at the new point which is aesthetically better. Without a visit to the doctor, it cannot be ascertained the possibility that can occur, whether a trace, can be re-pierced, or the aesthetic or symmetrical value can be adjusted or not. The results of the surgeon's examination will provide a solution for you to plan the procedure of action that is appropriate for your baby.

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