Can The Pneumococcal Vaccine Prevent Asthma Sufferers From Corona Virus Infection?

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As is well known, that COVID-19 is caused by the newly discovered corona virus. The infection gives very diverse symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. Severe infections are more common in the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Concomitant diseases such as asthma, of course, may provide more significant symptoms if someone is exposed to COVID-19. However, the pneumococcal vaccine is intended to prevent streptococcus pneumoniae bacterial infections, not viral infections. The vaccine for the corona virus has only just entered the clinical trial stage in the United States a few days ago. The results may only be determined in the next few months.

A vaccine for bacteria certainly cannot prevent viral infections. If you want to prevent pneumonia due to pneumococcal bacteria, of course you can just do it. The vaccine will not protect against COVID-19 infection, but at least can reduce the risk of pneumonia due to bacterial causes. The most important thing right now is:

 Quarantine yourself while still healthy. Limit contact. Isolate yourself if you feel any pain. Do not exchange drinking utensils and other personal items. Wash your hands often. Avoid holding hands when you don't need to. Adhere to the ethics of coughing and good sneezing. If symptoms worsen, contact the health center first by telephone before checking. Try your best to avoid asthma triggers. Hopefully this information is useful for you. Regards.

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