Can The Retina Of The Eye Shift Can Be Overcome With Herbal Medicine?

Illustration of Can The Retina Of The Eye Shift Can Be Overcome With Herbal Medicine?
Illustration: Can The Retina Of The Eye Shift Can Be Overcome With Herbal Medicine?

want to ask Is the retina eye treatment that shifts without surgery for example herbal medicine ??

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Hello Nitnot,

The retina is the innermost layer of the eyeball that plays an important role in the process of vision. Inside there are cone cells and rods that can capture light and distinguish the color of the objects we see and then pass them through the eye nerve in the retina layer which will pass through the vision path to the brain and the shadow is processed in such a way that through our eyes we can see the objects. the objects around us.

Retinal detachment is the condition of the detachment of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) from its supporting layer. As a result, the supply of blood and oxygen to the retinal layer will be disrupted which results in impaired retinal function. Retinal detachment can be divided into regmatogen type, tractional type, and exudative type.

Regmatogen-type retinal detachments are the most common, usually with a tear or hole in the retinal layer that causes fluid to enter the retinal chamber and then results in the separation of the retinal layer. Tractional retinal detachment occurs due to the formation of scar tissue or the presence of neovascularization for example in patients with diabetes mellitus or post-traumatic eye injuries. In exudative retinal detachment, fluid collection also takes place in the lower chamber of the retina but not because of a tear, but rather because of an inflammatory process of the choroidal layer or the retina itself.

Symptoms of retinal detachment include:

Floaters: see as threads, pollen, or black spots that hover which moves when the eyeball is moved. Clearer when you see a white background or bright sky
See flashes like a camera flash
Sharp vision that fell suddenly
Field of view disturbance (such as a black curtain that partially covers vision)

Surgery / surgery is the only definitive treatment for cases of retinal detachment. The state of retinal detachment is one eye emergency that requires immediate action because it can threaten vision permanently. Even the surgery performed is very complex, including surgery on the inside of the eyeball (vitrectomy) and then put a tampon with gas or silicone oil which can be combined with the installation of scleral buckle. Postoperative recovery also depends on many factors, including the duration of retinal detachment until surgery. Operations that are carried out late give bad results. In cases of exudative retinal detachment associated with systemic disease, it is necessary to administer drugs from other doctors / other non-eye specialists to treat systemic diseases that cause abnormalities in the eye.

Until now there has been no clinically proven herbal drug that is useful, effective, and safe for treating retinal detachment. Please consult with an ophthalmologist about the condition of retinal detachment. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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