Can The Symptoms Of Corona Be The Same As The Symptoms Of Stomach Acid?

Illustration of Can The Symptoms Of Corona Be The Same As The Symptoms Of Stomach Acid?
Illustration: Can The Symptoms Of Corona Be The Same As The Symptoms Of Stomach Acid?

Hello doc symptoms listed above I want to tell you a little I was unemployed 1 year to get a state college test I like staying up late then, I used to only with instant noodles and eggs, until finally I decided to go to the health center according to my doctor affected by gastric disease but the doctor at the puskesmas only advised me to take medicine, there was no instruction to eat what to do. After the medication ran out it still felt painful I wanted to consult a 24-hour clinic and had to pay so decided to look at complaints like I felt on the internet, I read I was recommended for ECG and X-ray but I thought again it must be expensive and the situation is now very impossible to go to RUSD or to a clinic that has complete equipment. I just stayed at home because there was an appeal not to leave the house for a while. On the other hand, my symptoms are the same as Covid-19, but I don’t cough just to sneeze, but I have difficulty sneezing, but my doc has never been anywhere, could I have contracted corona? or other symptoms? or because of my psychological condition that is being disturbed? please explain the clarity

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Hello great

Thank you for asking

I understand the confusion that you experience, so many possible causes of complaints that you experience between:

increased stomach acid: the appearance of a burning sensation in the throat, which causes sore throat due to irritation from the stomach acid and causes chest discomfort. this can be caused by the wrong lifestyle and a lot of thoughts or stress
sore throat

psychosomatic disorders: conditions or disorders when the mind affects the body

indeed your complaint is one of the symptoms of covid disease 19 but to be sure it does have to do a direct examination with a throat swab but this examination is preferred by people who have symptoms of fever and shortness of breath and people who are indeed at risk of exposure to infection. indeed your actions are right by staying at home. if you have done a direct examination and diagnosis of stomach acid disease that may be the cause. You can re-consult the health center when the drug has run out but the symptoms have not disappeared, so the doctor will evaluate whether the health center can still be handled or they will advise you to consult an expert doctor, if it has been consulted, the doctor will conduct an examination with a question and answer, examination physical and additional examinations if needed, if to photograph the rungs and ECG if the doctor suspects that there is a problem in the heart and lungs if there is not possible the doctor does not need it especially considering that young people are still very rarely to do an EKG if there is no indication.

There are several things you can do at home:

take the medicine regularly given by the doctor, if the medicine has run out and does not improve you can immediately return to your health facilities
avoid foods that contain acids, gasses such as cabbage, durian, spicy foods, and high in fat, such as deep-fried oil, or oily coconut milk
avoid consuming caffeine, smoking and alcohol
avoid staying up sufficient rest, or appropriate sleep patterns around 7-9 hours, sleep at the longest at 10 pm
avoid stress, you can do things that make you relax
do regular exercise
consume plenty of 2 liters of water a day
eat regularly, avoid eating late, eat little but often
avoid sleeping after eating

Thus the info I can give

still do social distancing, if you have to seek treatment because it is an emergency, keep doing the distance and wash your hands frequently.

hopefully can help you

thank you

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