Can The Tooth Shift To Fill In The Hollow Gum After Tooth Extraction?

I just pulled out my 1st molars because they were hollow and left half and can’t be patched anymore, now I want to ask, he said the teeth will shift to fill the molars that were pulled out earlier, if the shifting process itself occurs in a long time, huh? imolan has not had any funds because it is expensive), and what is meant by shifting is that the tooth next to the first molar will tilt to close the tooth has become toothless td? r n r nThank you ..

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Hello Raka,

Thank you for the question. Human teeth can move from time to time with the pressure on them when they are used for chewing or other habits (such as teeth grinding). If you have a tooth that has been extracted then the adjacent teeth tend to shift because none of the adjacent (extracted) teeth hold the tooth in place. However, this tooth shift does not necessarily close the gap of the extracted tooth. This gear shift can occur from time to time and there is no specific time limit. Teething will not be affected.

Please consult your dentist again to treat this condition. In addition to dental implants, your doctor may also suggest using dentures or a bridge to treat this condition.

Please also read the following article: Overcoming toothless teeth

Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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