Can The Ultrasound Be Wrong?

Illustration of Can The Ultrasound Be Wrong?
Illustration: Can The Ultrasound Be Wrong?

Morning doc, I want to ask, I am 9 weeks pregnant, then I have a little flu, I immediately check with the obstetrician after being treated by my fetus. GK looks, GK develops, so I am advised to check with another doctor (curette). my fetus, what is ultrasound could be wrong

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Hi Jess,

Thank you for the question.

If it's true that your womb is at the age of 9 weeks, then on an ultrasound examination, naturally it will be clearly seen that a fetus is filling your uterus. If the doctor states that your fetus is not visible or not developing, then the possibility in question is empty pregnancy (blighted ovum). This condition occurs when your egg cells and / or your husband's sperm cells that experience fertilization are of poor quality, so they fail to form a normal fetus. Naturally, the body will catch an empty pregnancy sac without being filled with the fetus as a foreign object, so it will try to be expelled and trigger a miscarriage, the symptoms can be as spots as you experience. So, this condition will not last as long as a normal pregnancy.

Apart from being empty pregnancy, spots out early in pregnancy may also indicate you have a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or wine pregnancy. Mistakes in the calculation of gestational age can also make it appear that the fetus is not at your present gestational age.

To be clear, this condition seems to need to be confirmed by an ultrasound examination to distinguish it from various other conditions as we have mentioned above. Therefore, according to your doctor's advice, you can ask for a second opinion by checking back with other obstetricians. If you have an erect diagnosis, the doctor will direct you to undergo further treatment, for example by being given medication, a curette, or other therapeutic modalities.

In the meantime, you need to do it first:

Rest totally, do not always physical activity too tired
Do not over-sexual intercourse as long as the spots come out of your birth canal
Eat and drink healthy
Do not smoke, do not stress, do not also take drugs or herbs carelessly

Hope this helps ...

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