Can The Yellow Circles Near The Eyes Be Removed?

Illustration of Can The Yellow Circles Near The Eyes Be Removed?
Illustration: Can The Yellow Circles Near The Eyes Be Removed?

Good night,. I want to ask if it can be removed from the yellow-brown circles near my eyeballs? My doctor said it happened because of my eye infection that was so bad. If it can be removed, how do you do it? Thanks.

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Hi Annisaaqe,

Thank you for asking

Infection of the eye can cause yellow-brown patches in the eye. These patches can appear in various parts of the eye. Not only that, the eye that has an infection will generally feel itchy, painful, sore, sticky, red, discharge abnormal secretions (watery or tingling), to problems with vision. There are many possible causes of this infection, but the most common is fungal or bacterial. Some examples of infections that can cause complaints like what you have are conjunctivitis (infection of the clear lining of the eye), uveitis (infection of the uvea tract), keratitis (infection of the cornea), endophthalmitis (infection of the inner lining of the eyeball), panophthalmitis (infection of the entire eyeball) , etc.

Poor personal hygiene, the introduction of plants or foreign objects into the eye, improper care and use of contact lenses, coupled with sub-optimal body resistance can make it easier for you to experience eye infections.

So, what is the right way to get rid of eye spots and the infection that causes them? The answer can vary depending on the location of the infection, the cause of the infection, and the extent to which the infection is interfering with your eye function. You need to check your eye condition first to an ophthalmologist so that you can identify what kind of treatment is right to overcome it. In mild conditions, topical administration of drugs (such as eye drops or ointments) is generally sufficient to treat the infection. However, in more severe infections, other therapeutic modalities may be necessary. Infections of the eye, if not treated properly, can interfere with the deeper components of the eye, and even cause permanent blindness. Therefore, don't delay going to the doctor, okay?

In the meantime, our suggestions:

Do not touch your eyes with your hands or any other unclean object
Protect the eyes from getting into dust, smoke, pollution and other irritants (wear protective glasses if necessary)
Do not give any therapy without the supervision of a doctor
If the eye feels uncomfortable, you can put artificial tears to relieve it

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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