Can Thrush Toddlers Be Treated With Infusion?

Illustration of Can Thrush Toddlers Be Treated With Infusion?
Illustration: Can Thrush Toddlers Be Treated With Infusion?

At night … I want to ask … my child is 3.5 years old … I don’t want to eat for 3hrs because of thrush … I’m afraid the liquid is over … now it is very weak for the body … what is the solution … can I ask just a bottle of infusion at the clinic? thanks

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Hello Ms. Cheona,

Fluid / infusion therapy is not given solely because the child does not want to eat, but is given if there are signs of a child lacking fluids or other medical conditions that require infusion. If you take your child to the doctor and after checking your child needs additional fluids through intravenous, then without you asking your pediatrician will advise your child to be infused.

Thrush in children can certainly reduce their appetite and drink. These canker sores can be caused by a viral infection (for example HFMD), decreased immunity, due to injuries such as falling or being exposed to a toothbrush, and so forth. Generally these canker sores will heal by itself.

To relieve it at home can be done:

Compress canker sores with ice cubes to reduce pain Avoid foods that are spicy or too salty because it can cause more canker sores Try to provide cold food and drinks. For example, while giving ice cream / popsicles made from milk or fruit that is cut / crushed, in addition to being able to relieve pain, can also provide nutritional intake.

Currently remembering your child is weak because they do not want to eat and drink you should immediately see a doctor so that it can be treated further. It is better not to postpone it because children are more easily deprived of fluids and can be dangerous. The doctor can also examine the thrush and evaluate the cause, and if necessary give medicines to relieve the symptoms so that the child wants to eat and drink. If you are already weak and there are signs of lack of fluids your child may need to be hospitalized. This will be determined by the doctor after the examination.

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