Can Toddlers Also Get Insomnia?

Haloo dokI want to ask my child toddler aged 3 years experiencing insomnia every night, on average he sleeps at night starting at 02.30 and wakes up at around 10:30, because he wakes up later this afternoon sleeps again at 5 pm or sometimes jm 6 in the afternoon continues to wake him at 8 pm, I keep on going everyday and my child is experiencing delays in speaking, even though he is 3 years old but only understands a few words and even then his pronunciation is unclear, is it possible that this irregular sleep affects his development and what is the pattern sleep like that is still considered normal?

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Baby sleep patterns are more or less shaped by habits. If you are not disciplined to apply regular sleep patterns to your baby, then the impact can be like what your baby is experiencing right now, his sleep patterns are messy, and your baby will be more awake at night, then fall asleep during the day. This condition, if left unchecked, not only has the potential to inhibit growth and development, but also will certainly make you tired and have difficulty doing other activities.

In addition to due to improper sleeping habits, difficulty sleeping in infants can also be caused by other factors, for example uncomfortable environmental conditions (such as noise, glare, hot weather, cold), discomfort felt in the baby's body (such as tightness, itching , colds, colic, pain), drug effects, excessive use of gadgets, and so on. While delays in speaking, in addition to developmental obstacles that are aggravated by lack of sleep, can also be caused by lack of stimulation, disorders of the articulation organs, disorders in the brain, cognitive disorders, excessive use of gadgets, and many other possibilities.

You should first overcome the disturbance of sleep patterns and delay in talking to you with the following handling steps:

Create a regular sleep and wake schedule every day
Help your baby recognize the difference between day and night, for example by creating a bright, noisy and playful daytime atmosphere, and making the night atmosphere dim, quiet, and get him to sleep faster
Don't feed your baby too late
Don't also give your baby lots to drink at night
Do not give the gadget too early for the baby
Encourage the baby to actively move, play, and exercise in the morning until the afternoon, so that he is more sleepy at night
Frequently invite your baby to talk, discuss, read him fairy tales, invite him to play the role, and train him to express well the intentions and desires

To get comprehensive treatment for delays in speaking, you also need to have your baby consulted directly to a doctor or a specialist pediatrician sub-division growth and development in the nearest health facility.

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