Can Torticollis Sufferers Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Torticollis Sufferers Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Torticollis Sufferers Be Cured?

Hello …. I am a 28 year old woman u0026amp; I want to ask about torticollis because I had torticollis since I was a toddler. I want to ask … is it still possible for healing / surgery to be done at my age? u0026amp; can it be cured ?? If still can please recommend which hospital can I be operated on? Thank you beforehand

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Torticollis is a condition in which the head and neck appear to turn sideways due to a disturbance in neck muscle tone. When present in infancy, this condition is often triggered by an abnormality in the position of the neck while in the womb that causes neck muscle damage or disruption of blood flow in the neck. However, as an adult, the symptoms of torticollis can be made worse by head, neck, or shoulder injuries. Genetic factors, namely the presence of other families who suffer from torticollis also increase your risk of developing torticollis.

In addition to disturbing appearance, torticollis that is not handled properly can also spread to the area around the neck, such as the face, jaw, hands, and torso. Not only that, torticollis also increases your risk of having a bone spur which can cause sensation (tingling, numbness) or motor disturbances in movement tools, both hands and / or feet.

There is no definitive treatment that can cure torticollis. However, the following treatment modalities can help relieve your complaints:

Botox injections Physiotherapy, namely warm compresses, stress management Operations to cut the nerves that cause the neck muscles to contract Deep brain stimulation Which is the best treatment for your condition should be discussed directly with your doctor, neurologist, or surgeon. With direct examination, of course he is the one who knows best the best treatment so that your complaints subside.

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