Can Traumatic Cataracts In 6 Year Olds Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Traumatic Cataracts In 6 Year Olds Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Traumatic Cataracts In 6 Year Olds Be Cured?

Good evening, greetings. I am a child aged 6 years and 2 months when I suffered an eye injury due to being punctured by a sharp object, because I do not know the chronology I am not sensitive to the child’s eye condition, had spent the night and the infection turned out to be because the child was not recognized, I In case the hospital smec in Medan, the eye is festering, hospitalized and tomorrow, the operation to remove the pus, after the operation, check up again, try to get a traumatic cataract. After surgery 40 days ago, I controlled her eye again at the hospital. ty after the operation can’t see if it fails? or can traumatic cataract not be cured? r nThe last control was July 11, 2018, the doctor can’t expect me that my child can see again or not, but not bz d attach the lens because the cataract is too sticky r nThank you for the advice for me to ask. regards

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We are very concerned about your child's condition. Cataract is a condition of clouding of the lens of the eye. This can occur in connection with various things, for example for those who have cataracts from birth, usually related to viral infections while in the womb, in the elderly it is related to the aging process, some occur due to postoperative cataracts on the eye, and some of them happen because injuries, namely traumatic cataracts.

Injuries that occur in traumatic cataracts can be caused by blunt or sharp objects, which, although they specifically have a different disease mechanism, the point is that the lens becomes cloudy due to the impact of the eye being hit, hit, punctured by a sharp object or hit. This clouding of the lens interferes with the visual process so that the sufferer experiences problems in seeing normally.

To treat this condition, the most effective step that can be done is to replace the damaged lens through surgery with an artificial lens. Regarding your question, handling these traumatic cataracts is often not that simple. Sometimes after the examination, the ophthalmologist is still unable to perform the operation and waits for the inflammation to subside. There are certain conditions that the patient must achieve before surgery so as not to aggravate, complicate and prolong the surgical procedure. From your story, we don't think it can be declared a failure, because the essence of cataract surgery is lens replacement and this has not been done because you are waiting for your child's physical readiness.

Talk about whether it can be cured or not, in general you can. But specifically, it will again depend on the severity, extent of damage, age, presence or absence of complications, and the patient's own condition. It is easy if the severity is small, the damage is not extensive, and the patient is overall healthy, it can be said that the possibility of recovery is high.

Meanwhile, in addition to continuing to provide moral and material support to your child, help him by giving him a long distance to put things in the house, keep an eye on him when playing or doing activities, and don't appear panic or hopeless in front of him. We wish your child a speedy recovery.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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