Can Typhus Recur In The Near Future?

Illustration of Can Typhus Recur In The Near Future?
Illustration: Can Typhus Recur In The Near Future?

sorry to ask. Last month I just got typhus. But now I start to feel the characteristics like they used to be again. Can typus recur in the near term?

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Hello sister Halimah,

Typhus or typhoid fever is an infection of the gastrointestinal tract until complications spread to other parts of the body such as the brain, caused by salmonella thyphi infection which is transmitted through the faecal orally, namely bacteria from feces contaminating food in various ways such as unclean food processing and not washing hands after chapter or processing food or eating. This can be repeated or recur if the germs return to the body in large numbers plus decreased body resistance. Examinations that can be done such as blood hematology examinations, widal are generally widely available in various hospitals. Check your condition to the nearest doctor. Treatment can be with special antibiotics.

Prevention can be with typhoid vaccine, maintain food hygiene, choose foods that are guaranteed cleanliness, wash hands after chapters, before processing food and before eating. Avoid foods that are not guaranteed cleanliness. Take supplements if needed.

Click the article: typhoid. Typhoid prevention

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