Can Typhus Sufferers Eat Meatballs Without Sauce?

Illustration of Can Typhus Sufferers Eat Meatballs Without Sauce?
Illustration: Can Typhus Sufferers Eat Meatballs Without Sauce?

Hello, I want to ask for typhus sufferers, can I eat meatballs without sauce … ?? Please help

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Typhoid fever sufferers experience disorders of the digestive tract, therefore the recommended foods for consumption of typhoid fever sufferers are foods that are easier to digest first. Patients are advised to eat foods that are high in calories such as carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread) which should be served in a softer form. You may still consume vegetables and fruits, but you should not consume vegetables and fruits that are too high in fiber for a while. You can cook vegetables until tender / very wilted, and eat lower-fiber fruits like bananas. Although it is recommended to eat foods high in calories, you should not consume foods that are high in fat (such as fried foods or meat that contains a lot of fat). As a source of protein, you are advised to consume eggs, tofu, or tempeh, which are easier to digest than meat. You may continue to consume meat, but it should cook until soft and smooth, and still limit the amount of meat you eat. It's best to avoid foods that can irritate the digestive tract such as foods that are too spicy and sour.

Another important thing you should pay attention to is that you have to eat food that is guaranteed to be clean. You also need to be more careful in drinking, make sure your drinking water source is free from contamination (avoid drinks with ice cubes that have not been made clear. The food you eat should also be food that is still warm (to ensure that the food is well cooked and not contaminated with bacteria). You should always wash your hands before eating and wash your hands after you have defecated.

Meatballs are processed meat that usually has a high fat content. You may eat meatballs, but you should eat only a small amount and make sure you buy meatballs from a place that is guaranteed clean. It would be better if during this recovery period you consume food as mentioned above and cook your own food at home.

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