Can Ulcer Warts Heal?

Illustration of Can Ulcer Warts Heal?
Illustration: Can Ulcer Warts Heal?

Good morning, beautiful doctor. N nDok, I had heartburn for 1 month and had warts in 2 different places between the big toe of my left foot and under the big toe of my left foot. But now the ulcer doesn’t recur and the warts go away on their own. In fact, I gave the medicine many times, but it didn’t go away, but I let it go away by myself. thanks.

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Hi Noname,

Thank you for asking

Heartburn and warts are not really incurable diseases.

However, before answering your question, we need to clarify first, what are the symptoms of stomach ulcers and warts that you are experiencing? Have you ever seen a doctor and diagnosed with stomach ulcers and warts? So, what treatments have you undergone?

Heartburn (gastritis) is a condition in which the stomach wall becomes inflamed. This condition can be characterized by a sensation of pain, nausea, heat, and tightness that feels dominant in the upper abdomen. In severe conditions, sufferers can also experience severe vomiting. Gastritis can occur due to infection with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, side effects of taking drugs (usually pain medications), aging, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, autoimmune disorders, or other diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, Crohn's disease, parasitic infections, and so on.

Meanwhile, warts are a disease caused by infection with the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus). This condition is characterized by the appearance of a rash that is rough in color, similar to skin or gray in color, and is rarely painful or itchy. The HPV virus is usually transmitted through direct or indirect contact with other wart sufferers. People with weak immune systems, for example because of old age, suffering from diabetes, HIV / AIDS, taking long-term steroid drugs, or also experiencing malnutrition are more at risk of developing warts on their bodies.

Ulcer handling can be done in various ways, starting from administering medication, changing lifestyle, to surgery if there are certain underlying anatomical abnormalities. Meanwhile, warts can be treated with salicylic acid administration (it can be in the form of ointments, patches, or sprays), frozen surgery, curettage, laser therapy, or also electrosurgery.

In some conditions, heartburn can get better by adopting a healthy lifestyle, including by adjusting diet patterns, stress management, regular exercise, and also avoiding triggers that often cause complaints to worsen. Meanwhile, warts, often can also heal by itself if your immune system is in prime condition.

Therefore, the condition you are experiencing is not really something to worry about. However, it is better if you check your condition directly to the doctor so that it can be evaluated, whether you have completely recovered from the diseases you suffered from before, or not. If not, of course the doctor can provide the best treatment so that your complaints do not recur and recur.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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